How long am I allowed to drive on Mallorca with a German licence plate?

This depends on several factors. As a Spanish resident, you are no longer allowed to drive with German licence plates and must re-register your vehicle immediately.
If you are only on Mallorca temporarily, but have brought your vehicle to the island permanently, then you must re-register your vehicle with Spanish licence plates after 6 months at the latest. A foreign vehicle may be driven on Mallorca for a maximum of 6 months per calendar year without any problems. If you take the vehicle back to Germany again and again and are on Mallorca with your vehicle for less than 6 months per year, we recommend that you keep all ferry certificates for documentation purposes.

Is the German TÜV recognised on Mallorca?

Even if, according to an EU law, the still existing MOT of the respective country must be recognised in the other member states, the vehicle cannot be re-registered without a successful ITV inspection, as the appointment involves a more extensive inspection of the vehicle than the regular ITV. The vehicle must therefore be presented to the ITV during the re-registration process, even though the German MOT may still be valid.

Can I do Spanish MOT (ITV) with my German vehicle?

You can also have your vehicle registered in Germany inspected by the ITV, but then you will only receive a certificate stating whether the vehicle is roadworthy. There is neither a Spanish nor a German sticker. We strongly recommend that you get confirmation from your German insurance company that the ITV is recognised. Should you enter Germany with the vehicle, the German ITV must be made up immediately at the next inspection point after the border.

How do I register a car in Mallorca?

The re-registration must be applied for at one of the ITV stations on Mallorca with all the necessary documents. The ITV acceptance appointment also takes place there. If this appointment is passed and the ficha tecnica is issued, the registration tax, vehicle tax and, if applicable, transfer tax must be paid at the tax office. The next step is to go to the Tráfico, the Spanish transport authority, where the final new vehicle documents are issued. Now you need the new number plates, which you can have printed at a specialised shop on presentation of the car documents. Unlike in Germany, you cannot take out insurance until you have the new number plates.

We will be happy to take care of the entire re-registration procedure for you!

What do I need to register a car from abroad in Mallorca?

The original car papers, the COC paper (EC certificate of conformity), the NIE number and proof of residence in Mallorca in the form of a registration certificate or proof of home ownership are required. In the case of a change of owner, also the invoice or purchase contract. If a car is re-registered from outside the EU, a customs certificate must be presented.

What does the re-registration of foreign vehicles to Mallorca cost?

Since the costs of re-registering a vehicle are quite individual due to the different taxes and the different effort involved, if you are interested, please send us your vehicle registration document and we will provide you with a non-binding offer.